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C-Store National Customer Service Team


Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions


Why have we nationalised customer service?

We are continually striving to work smarter and to meet the requirements of our customers. A C Store National CustomerService Team will be more efficient and transparent as well as allowing C Store to increase our hours of contact (7am to7pm Monday to Friday) Eastern Standard Time. C Store National Customer Service will also be open on State Public Holidays (Monday to Friday), and will be closed only on the National Public Holidays.

How will you help me if you’re not in my state?

There is a close relationship with all state personnel and processes in place to ensure that even though we are not in your state, we are able to give you the high level of service that you expect.

How long do I have to wait until my claim is processed?

All claims should take no more than 5 business days to be resolved. However, if stock is to be returned we need to allow 10 days it to come back to the warehouse. If there is a delay in this being received together with the correct information, this may delay the processing of your claim.

Why do I have to put my claim in by email / fax?

To assist in minimising waiting time on the phone, all claims are to be submitted via email or fax – this allows you to submitclaims at any time of day making the whole process more efficient for you.

How will I know when my claim has been processed?

When you submit a claim, you will receive an email confirming that it has been received, and who will be looking after your request; it will also give you an estimated finalisation time frame. Upon finalisation of your claim, you will receive an email advising you of the outcome.

How can you help me if my delivery is late?

Please contact us if your delivery is not received. We will liaise with the relevant department and advise you of the outcome. However, if any of our warehouses are aware of delay in your delivery Customer Service will contact your store of the changes as soon as we are notified.What do I do if I cannot transmit my order on time?Please contact Customer Service immediately if you are aware that you may be, or are late in transmitting your order. We will then liaise with the warehouse and take steps necessary to ensure your orders is dispatched as soon as possible. It is important to contact us so that we can get your delivery out to you1300 366004 - Press 2 for C Store Customer Service OR email

Are you able to transfer calls to the warehouse in my state?

Customer Service is your No. 1 point of contact. We will assist you with any information you may require regardless of anystate you are calling from.

Who do I contact out of hours?

We have expanded our business hours. However, if you need to make contact after hours, you can still phone 1300 366
004 (Press 2) and leave your details on our afterhours answering machine, and we will contact you the moment we are in.
With all calls, we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Can I phone a Customer Service staff member direct?

We prefer you to contact the Customer Service direct line of 1300 366 004 / With
expansion of our hours, we have staff rostered on different start and finish times. All customer service officers have full
access to all information to assist you.

What do I do with damages / wrong picks?

It is important that you check your load upon delivery and advise of any discrepancies by submitting a claim as soon as possible. In instances where stock has been damaged, out of code or is a wrong pick, please do not dispose of the product until you have spoken to a Customer Service Officer. In all instances, for damages and coded issues, we will require a photo to be sent with your claim.

Is the return process going to be same?

The return process remains unchanged. After submitting a claim, you will receive a Pick Up Advice Slip with your next delivery. Please ensure that this pick up slip is signed by your store and the driver, and returned with the goods on your next delivery day. Please ensure you keep a copy of this paperwork for your store’s reference.

I get a depot drop, who can I contact for issues?

If you are paying for the delivery to your store from a Depot Drop, you will need to liaise direct with the Transport provider. However, if your freight is charged to your Metcash account, please contact Customer Service.

How do I get my claim reviewed?

Should you receive notification from C Store Customer Service (email) advising that we are unable to proceed with a claim you have submitted, please respond to Customer Service via the email you have received with any further additional information that may support your claim. We will then have this re-investigated for you.

Who do I contact for portal issues?

If you have any concerns at all in relation to hosting issues with your back office system, you will need to contact Retail Technology. (Refer the working document; will be a page of each state contact details and hours of business).

Who do I contact for price books?

All price books enquiries will need to be transferred through to Retail Technology for that state. (Refer the working document; will be a page of each state contact details and hours of business).

Who do I contact for freight charges?

If a store has received a freight charges claim from Metcash, these will be treated in the same way as a claim and investigated.

How will Pull Forward/Short Week schedules work now?

he changes to a pull forward/short week schedule are actioned by the Logistics Team in each state – who are responsible for sending this information out to the stores. Customer Service will assist customers with any enquiries or changes they would like made to the schedules they have received by liaising with the relevant warehouse and supplying final outcome to the retailer.

Are you still going to be able to organise an urgent/out of sequence order for me?

In all instances, we endeavour to meet the requirements of our customers. There are many areas that need to be taken into consideration with an urgent or out of sequence order. In the majority of instances, if we are aware before the truck has been loaded or dispatched, we are able to assist.